A ballad written by Derek Warfield and recorded with the Young Wolfe Tones on the 12th of September 2013 about the All Ireland Championship Semi-Final game between Kerry 3.11 and Dublin 3.18. It is followed by the great Traditional reel ‘Sporting Paddy’.



Jacks and Mollys roarin’ on the Hill

The super sub McManamon is goin for the kill

Rosie from Tralee crying Kevin’s goin’ through

The Kingdom has fallen to the Bonnie Boys in Blue


Verse #1

Come all ye sporting Paddy’s have I a tale for you

Of the mighty Gaels of Dublin, the Bonnie Boys in Blue

It’s of a Semi-Final and Croker was the scene

With the Navy-Blue of Dublin now and Kerry’s Gold and Green


Verse #2

Three Eleven now for Kerry it’s the minute sixty nine

The Kerrymen are screaming blow the whistle up for time

Up pops Kevin and his speed is like a jet

He kicks a mighty bomber and he lands it in the net


Verse #3

Jimmy Barry Murphy thinks he has it all

Since he beat the Hurlers with the small ball

“Big balls” “small balls” the super Jacks are back

And it’s Kerry for your Holidays and Dublin for the Craic


Verse #4

Eighty thousand shoutin’ on the Hill and on the stands

The Green grass of Croker never looked so grand

Sam Maguire now knockin at the door

And Bernard Brogan scorin’ as his father did before


Verse #5

Mayo “God help us” waitin’ sixty years

With the “Curse of Swinford” ringin’ in their ears

They’ll have to wait longer for Sam to see the West

For Sam is bound for Dublin and he’s stayin’ with the best


Verse #6

‘The Gooch’ thought quietly sure the game is in the bag

But Dublin now are steamin’ and Kerry couldn’t wag

Jim Gavin writing calmly on the line

Victory for the Dubs as the whistle blows for time