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Press Reviews
  • “The Young Wolfe Tones bring a youthful energy to songs like Some Say the Devil Is Dead and Get out Ye Black and Tans I happened to be in the audience with my parents and two daughters who liken Irish music to Chinese water torture. Everyone enjoyed themselves, and it is a rare feat indeed to keep three generations of Irish people engaged. Some say this devil is dead, but I say he would be a welcome addition to your festival.”
  • Mile Farragher,
  • “Ireland has lately been full of compliments to our Nobel laureate Seamus Heaney, who has just celebrated his 70th birthday. Lyric poetry is a grace, said Famous Seamus, who hails from Derry. Quite so. But there are other kinds of poetry and when a national identity is challenged, all poetry becomes political. As you might expect, there’s no lack of it here, and since Derek has got this fine professional group together, it’s proof there’s no lack of an audience.”
  • John Brophy, Irish Music Magazine
  • “Derek has long been the best front man in the country. There is no performer that can move an audience with words and song with such natural ease. His talented young band ‘The Young Wolfe Tones’ are the best ballad band in Ireland and lends an extra dimension to Irish song, music and history.”
  • Liam Murphy, Former National Editor of Hibernian Digest
  • “They had an audience of four thousand students singing swinging and cheering after the first song and they stayed that way for over an hour. The reaction to their music was electric! The UCD Ball has never seen or heard anything like it.”
  • UCD Students Union
  • “Derek has performed at festivals for The Irish Cultural Club of Florida for over twenty years and he has delivered some memorable performances with his old band. With his new band ‘The Young Wolfe Tones’ he brings a youthful and energetic passion and spirit to the music and songs of Ireland.”
  • Sheila Hynes, Director of West Palm Beach Irish Festival
  • “Since the old group disbanded, The Wolfe Tones’ front man and founder member Derek Warfield has hit a particularly creative streak. The impeccable versatility of ‘The Young Wolfe Tones’ propels fresh and invigorating workings of old and new numbers with masterful arrangements of songs and highly absorbing tune sets.”
  • Sean McGhee, Editor of Rock ’N’ Reel Magazine
  • “Derek has always set high standards for his performances and this band raises the bar. The people loved them and gave them an unbelievable rousing and appreciative reception. These Young Wolfe Tones and their legendary leader were given a standing ovation. The ‘Dublin Ohio Festival ‘were delighted to have them perform and the band were thrilled to be here, and that’s as good as it’s gets for any band.”
  • Pat Byrne, Dublin Ohio Festival Organising Committee